Stylists LOVE our concept!....here's just a few 'stylists-turned-salon-owners' sharing
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18 Years - A Very Positive Experience...

"I have been a Salon Suite 'Mate' for 18 years in Willowbrook.  It has been a very positive experience for my clients and myself. Parking and availabilty to shopping is a bonus. It is located near all major roads and easy to access making it a great location for my clients.  "

Donna , Amaj Salon
Willowbrook Salon Suites
"I am a hairdresser of 40 years and went independent in 2006.
I joined the Salon Suites in Willowbrook.
I chose it because the facility also housed nail techs and estheticians. My clients that followed me were using those services already, so it made it convenient for them as well."

"The other reason for my choice  of this location was the fact of being in a strip mall with ample parking, and a selection of stores, both of which were a problem at my last employment facility.It also is readily available from major highways and expressways, which many of my clients  need to travel to see me. It's all about client retension when one changes their work place!!"

"The change to this type of work setting has been truly a positive one from my own personal work atmosphere as well as the facility itself. My clients truly enjoy the whole concept, and that was my greatest concern. The suites are well maintained, and the landlord is very accomodating when you need his services. I only wish I would have done this years ago!!! "
Bello Capelli Salon, Inc.
...I Only Wish I Had Done This YEARS AGO!